How to make wavy hair

How to make wavy hair
Owners of straight hair sometimes want to make them wavy. Playful tresses or gentle waves – it all depends on the mood and available styling means. This hairstyle can be both everyday and evening. The undoubted advantage is that wavy hair can be made independently.

How to make wavy hair with iron or forceps

Wavy hair can be made a special iron. There are different types of styling instruments. Some make corrugated, some make waves, and there are ironing, used for straightening hair. As a rule, a straightener can also curl the hair.

When using any styling, you must follow certain actions:

  • Wash and dry hair;
  • It is good to comb them;
  • Apply a hair protection product to the hair from high temperatures.

If corrugated tongs are used to create wavy hair, the following actions are performed:

  1. Heat the forceps to a certain temperature: 180оС for straight or loose hair and 210оС for curly or hard hair;
  2. Divide the hair into small strands;
  3. For greater effect, it is possible to apply a hair foam on the strand;
  4. Now you need to grab the strand with forceps at the root and hold 5-15 seconds. Then the tongs-gofre should be lowered through the locks and again fixed. So you need to curl all the hair.
  5. In order to fix the result, the hair can be sprinkled with varnish.

To make wavy hair ironing, you also need to heat the styler to a certain temperature, take a strand of hair and twist it with a flagellum. The iron should be seized with a curl from the very top and smoothly carried along the entire length of the strand-bundle. If desired, the tips can be left straight. After all the strands are curled ironing, you need to carefully spread your hair with your fingers and sprinkle with hairspray.

Elementary way to make wavy hair

Surprisingly, but almost perfectly wavy hair is obtained if the usual braids are stuck at night. And no expensive styling instruments will not have to buy. Be sure to wash your hair well before weaving. You can braid classic pigtails, and you can make spikelets. The more braids are braided, the more likely will be the waves on the strands. If the spikelets are braided, it is best to make at least 4 on the head.

How to make wavy hair with a wet effect

For this hairstyle you need a hair foam, hair dryer and hair spray. The head should be well washed and slightly dried. Then a large amount of foam is applied over the entire length of the hair. Hands begin to crumple and hold your hair to the head and blow dry with a medium-sized hair dryer. The head must be kept down. The hairstyle will be ready when the hair is completely dry.

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