How to Make Wavy Curls at Home

How to Make Wavy Curls at Home
Very often girls with hair straight from nature want to try on an image with a curvy curly hair. It can be done in a hairdresser's, and then the hair will become wavy for a long time, with the help of special substances, but it is possible and at home for a short time. The most ancient way to make hair wavy is to braid them in a scythe for the night. This method does not damage the hair structure, it is available to all owners of hair of large and medium length.

In order to make hair wavy, you should braid wet hair in 1-2 or more braids and leave it overnight. It is important to remember that the more braids you have braided, the more voluminous will get your hair done. The need to comb out after the braid's weave depends solely on the wishes of each girl: without a comb, the hair will be laid with light curls, after combing will become fluffy and more voluminous.

Один из старейших способов создания полноценных кудрей – бигуди. Использовать это приспособление женщины начали еще в античности и продолжают до сих пор. Разумеется, неудобные металлические бигуди, которыми пользовались женщины в 20 веке, уже давно вышли из употребления и теперь можно с легкостью формировать кудри любой величины при помощи мягких поролоновых или пластмассовых изделий. Волосы при накручивании бигудей должны быть немного влажными и чистыми. Мягкие бигуди можно оставить на ночь, а крупные пластмассовые, создающие красивые объемные кудри – можно накрутить с гелем для укладки волос, высушить феном и снимать. Быстрым по времени, но довольно травмирующим для волос способом сделать кудри в домашних conditions, is the use of thermal rollers, which must be heated before use. In addition, there are curlers on Velcro that allow you to easily fix them on your head and many other options.

Any mechanical wave will stay much better after using fixatives: lacquers, gels or mousses.

A common way to make hair curly is the use of special forceps ("curling iron"). This electric appliance proves to be a short-term thermal impact on the hair and allows you to create curls in a very short time. Unfortunately, heating adversely affects the hair, and it is recommended to use forceps more often 1-2 once a week, having pre-treated the hair with thermal protective agents. In the opposite case, there is a risk of "burning" the hair without the possibility of recovery.

Curling curling helps out in situations where it is necessary to make a hairstyle for any solemn event and you need to adjust the width of the curls, their location on the head, etc. directly in the process of creating a hairstyle.

If you want to create no curls, and light waves, you can use special hair styling products. It is necessary to apply on hair a sufficient amount of gel or mousse and hands to give the necessary form. In this case, it is necessary to dry hair naturally, without using a hair dryer, do not need to comb after styling.

All ways to create curls at home work if the hair is protected from the effects of hats, rain and snow or strong wind.

To create curls that will stay on your head for a long time and will not be exposed to external influences, you need chemical methods of curling your hair ("chemistry", "wet chemistry"And other options presented in the hairdressing salons).

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