How to make vegetable face masks at home

How to make vegetable face masks at home
Vegetable masks are very easy to prepare at home. With frequent use of these wonderful masks, the skin will become clean, fresh, and wrinkles will be smoothed out. Masks from vegetables are really very useful, the main thing is to choose them correctly to your skin type. They happen different: toning up, clearing, humidifying, nutritious. Make them desirable every week.

Potato mask

Slice thinly peeled raw potatoes. Put the slices of potatoes on the face, about 15 minutes. After that, wash your face with warm water. This beautiful mask will soften the skin and make your skin supple, also perfectly removes traces of fatigue.

Carrot mask

Grate, grate a small juicy carrot. Apply, the resulting gruel for 10 minutes. This mask will moisturize and nourish your skin with useful substances. It is suitable for all skin types.

Cucumber mask

You need a small cucumber and two spoons of sour cream. Stir everything, apply for 20 minutes. Slightly lie down and rinse the mask with cool water.

Cabbage Mask

Slice finely sauerkraut and apply a thin layer, cover the face with a tissue for 15 minutes. After wash with water, apply your favorite nourishing cream, the skin will become matte and velvety.

Tomato Mask

Take two mature tomatoes, cut into thin circles. Cover the face with circles, hold 15 minutes. The mask is ideal for skin with large pores, and also will give the face freshness and radiance.

Pumpkin Mask

Take a hundred grams of pulp of boiled pumpkin, add 15 gram of natural honey, egg yolk. Put everything in a bowl, mix and apply on face. After 20 minutes, wash with water. This mask makes the face shining.



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