How to make up the right shade

How to make up the right shade
Eye makeup is very important for the daily image of a woman. Therefore, you need to learn to identify with the color palette and combine shades. In addition, you need to know how to apply correctly shadow for the eyelids.

Before applying the shadows, perform skin cleansing procedures. This is necessary to avoid rolling down and shattering shadows. Purify the skin of the face with a tonic, gel for washing, cream or usual soap.

Then apply a nourishing cream on the eyes and allow to soak. Then cover the eyelids with powder or tonal remedy. If you apply shadow cream texture, it is not necessary to do the above procedure, since the composition of such shadows includes moisturizing components, so when colliding with the powder, they will necessarily roll down.

Shadows apply to the eyelids before applying eyeliner or mascara. Remains of shadows do not chip from the eyelashes, they will give them extra volume.

When applying the shadows, use special applicators. For dry, a wide brush with natural hair is great. Liquid shadow for eyelids it is better to put or render smears of fingers. Move from the middle of the century to the outer corner of the eye. In this direction, increase the intensity. To create the effect of "open eyes", cover the inner corner of the eye and the cleavage under the eyebrow line with shadows of light shades.

Brown shadow Apply on the line of growth of eyelashes, and light shades of shadows – closer to the eyebrows. Do not make sharp transitions, they should be smooth, for this use additional tones. If you like bright makeup, experiment with 3-4 shades at the same time.

Для выполнения классического макияжа глаз shadow Neutral shades that are slightly darker than complexion, apply to the entire upper eyelid, including the hollow of the inner corner of the eye. Then, along the line of growth of the lower eyelashes, apply a thin brush shadow until the middle of the century and shade. On the mobile eyelid, apply shadow intense color, which will smoothly move to light according to the chosen palette.

In addition to shadow on eyes looked beautifully, it is necessary to choose their color correctly. Some women prefershadowEyes in the color of their eyes. This is wrong, because only the contrast can distinguish the eyes shadow.

If you have blue eyes, use shades of pink, purple and rusty hue. If green, you are ideal for dark purple, reddish, terracotta, copper, silvery-gray and dark blue tones. If brown, choose shadow в охровой гамме.

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