How to make up small eyes

How to make up small eyes
Too small, narrow or deep set eyes can look inexpressive. Correct the situation with the help of properly selected makeup. Shadows, eyeliner and mascara will make the eyes more effective, emphasize the original cut and the brightness of the iris.

How to increase the eyes with the help of cosmetics

Добавить яркости и выразительности маленьким глазам поможет правильно подобранный оттенок теней. Карие глаза будут эффектно смотреться в обрамлении зеленых теней, голубым подойдет модная бордовая гамма, а зеленым – медная или золотистая. Для дневного макияжа выбирайте сложные оттенки умеренной насыщенности, растушевывая их по всему верхнему веку. Тем же цветом можно подвести и нижние веки. Мягкие, достаточно широкие линии визуально увеличат глаза.

Use single shadows or sets of three shades. The lightest is applied under the eyebrow, visually lifting it, the middle is painted over with a mobile eyelid, and the darkest is replaced by the ciliary edge and darkens the outer corner. To increase the eyes, use cream shades or products with the smallest sparkles – they will make the eyes larger and more expressive.

A universal variant is a white pencil. They can emphasize the mucous eye – it will make the proteins fresh and enhance the brightness of the iris. Choose waterproof pencils with particles of mother-of-pearl – the lines made by them will last longer. White liner is suitable for any variant of make-up and a variety of shades.

Do not let the inner eyelid with a black pencil. This method will reduce the eyes and give the look of rigidity.

We emphasize the original cut

Small narrow eyes can not be expanded, but on the contrary, emphasize their unusual pattern. Do this with a dark cream line. Draw her on the brush and circle her upper and lower eyelid, keeping close to the line of growth of the eyelashes. Then shade the line and add more colors – the eyeliner should cover the entire mobile eyelid. The line can be left clear or shade it, achieving the effect of smoky makeup.

Bringing your eyes, fill the intermittent space, leaving no gaps, otherwise the makeup will look messy.

Finish the image with the help of an elongating velvet-black carcass. Lower eyelashes should not be painted. But on the top you can apply two layers of carcass, carefully combing the hairs to avoid the formation of lumps.

Little tricks for beautiful eyes

To make the eyes look bigger, the eyelashes should be curled before staining. Clamp them between the plates of the forceps and fix it for a few seconds. Then you can make the hairs volumetric or curling mascara. Be sure to apply it to short cilia in the corners of the eyes. For evening make-up in the outer corners of the eyes can be glued on a pair of tufts of artificial eyelashes.

The area under the eyes is masked with a soft cream corrector, which will hide bruises, redness and fine wrinkles. Thoroughly shake it, and then powder it. Smooth and smooth skin will make the face more well-groomed, and the eyes will look more expressive.

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