How to make-up school

How to make-up school
Unexpectedly for you, a very young person, became interested in the world of adult girls and women – caring for themselves, various outfits, attractive makeup. It is quite natural and even to some extent beautiful, you feel an exciting growing up. The main thing in such matters is knowledge of the measure and taste. So, you noticed that many girls in your class are already slightly painted, and you wanted to try make-up powers on your appearance. Well, then listen to some tips.

Remember that your youth and a little naive openness are extremely attractive and priceless qualities, so do not use makeup to seem old man. Use the time of your youth with pleasure. The real seductiveness and charm lie just in the natural, so try not to give preference at all dark and bright colors. For daily make-up, try to use natural, but interesting natural tones – beige with light gold, soft pink with a little purple reflow, peach, bronze-brown.

Также вам стоит запомнить, что макияж to school should be practically inconspicuous. Therefore put off the liquid eyeliner (although this is an excellent option for a party!) And clear contour pencils. Bring your eyes, for example, with dark brown or dark gray shadows and thoroughly shade. This will give the look of gentleness, languor, but it will look extremely natural.

Выберите объемную, но легкую тушь для eyelashes – Again, bright eyelashes will make the look attractive and playful, but thanks to the weightless composition of the mascara, your eyelashes will not seem strange. It is very important that the eyelashes are divided, so you should get a special comb, which you will separate them each time after applying the mascara. Such a comb also removes excess carcass from the hairs, and eyelashes do not look heavier.

Remember that your skin is young and sensitive, and you should try to keep these qualities as long as possible. Therefore it is not necessary use heavy foundation for foundation, it is more suitable for adults women with the first signs of aging and fine wrinkles. It is better to exfoliate the skin regularly, tone it and carefully moisturize with creams and gels with natural extracts – in this case, the make-up will lie flat and will stay for a long time.

It is better, if you will slightly pass on the face with a brush with friable mineral powder – this will give the person dullness without the effect of "plaster". If the skin is quite typical of teenagers pimples и мелкие воспаления, используйте антисептический подсушивающий маскирующий карандаш, аккуратно растушевывая границы специальной губкой-спонжем.

Собираясь в школу, не пользуйтесь губной помадой, она будет смотреться слишком тяжело. Очень трогательно и привлекательно смотрятся чуть тронутые влажным блеском натуральных оттенков губы. Тут вы можете поэкспериментировать – нежно-малиновый, прозрачно-розовый; такие цвета очень идут юным девушкам и смотрятся очень соблазнительно.

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