How to make-up like Barbie

How to make-up like Barbie
If you dream about the appearance of Barbie, arm yourself with cosmetics in pink tones, supplement it with classic black mascara and eyeliner and start creating an image. Bright lips, large eyes with lush eyelashes and gentle blush will turn you into a real doll.

You will need
  • – Base makeup;
  • – Spons and brushes;
  • – Foundation;
  • – blush;
  • – lipstick or lip gloss;
  • – Shadows;
  • – mascara;
  • – artificial eyelashes in beams;
  • – corrector;
  • – eyeliner;
  • – curling irons for eyelashes.
The basis of doll beauty is a perfectly smooth face. Well moisturize the skin with a gel or lotion, then apply on it a makeup base with silicones. For a pale skin, a highlighting agent is suitable, an earthy hue will hide a gently-lilac base, and for a tanned face suitable light golden tone. The base will fill the pores, visually remove wrinkles and create the effect of porcelain skin.

Нанесите жидкое тональное средство – его цвет должен совпадать с оттенком вашей кожи. Распределяйте тон латексным спонжем, как бы вбивая его. Не жалейте крем – его стоит нанести не только на лицо, но и на шею. Прыщики и пятнышки тщательно заретушируйте корректором. Припудрите кожу большой пушистой кистью – лицо не должно блестеть. Не применяйте бронзаторы и другие средства для скульптурирования – лицо должно выглядеть нежным и округлым.

For lips and cheeks, choose cosmetics in a pink range. Apply blush layer by layer, using a flat brush made of natural nap. Apply a blush on the convex part of the cheek – the face will visually tighten, it will look more fresh and youthful. On the lips, apply a soft lipstick-balm or a dense shine of a dark pink or strawberry shade. Such a tool will not only shape the lips, but also emphasize the whiteness of the teeth.

Apply eyelid cream or cream shade on eyelids. The upper eyelid should be underlined with glossy-black eyeliner. Then twist eyelashes forceps and generously put on them voluminous black mascara. Lower eyelashes neatly make up a small thin brush. If the length of your own eyelashes does not seem sufficient, supplement them with artificial bundles, pasting several pieces at the outer corners of the eyes.

The final touch is a French manicure or a very light nail polish. Add an image of perfume with a sweetish-floral scent – the image of Barbie will be complete.

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