How to make up for your makeup

How to make up for your makeup
With proper application of make-up, you can not only emphasize the dignity and hide shortcomings, but even better – turn shortcomings in dignity. And this can be done with the help of decorative cosmetics, the choice of which is now quite large.

If you begin to appear wrinkles around the eyes, forget about shimmering and shiny shadows, they can only emphasize the unevenness of the skin, instead of disguising them. A magnificent camouflage for your eyes will be shadows with a matting gentle effect. Shades with a touch of champagne or peach are ideal for decorating any eyes. If the eyelids look too swollen, use shades of dark brown color, they will add depth and naturalness to the eyes.

With age, the skin of the lips becomes thinner and looks drier. Do not use dark shades of lipstick, they will attract attention to the mimic wrinkles around the lips. To make your lips look younger, apply first lipstick, and then a little shine.

Не наносите на лицо слишком большое количество косметики. При выполнении макияжа помните, что выделять можно только одну часть лица. Например, если губы вы накрасили яркой помадой, глаза должны быть нейтральными, а если хотите выделить глаза, не делайте акцент на губы и щеки.

Перед нанесением тонального крема смажьте кожу увлажняющим средством, тогда тон получится равномерным. Кроме того, не делайте это пальцами, используйте специальный спонж. Для маскировки темных кругов под глазами, неровностей кожи и прыщиков применяйте консилер, но только не желтого оттенка, иначе кожа будет выглядеть серой или зеленоватой.

To make the look deeper, more expressive and open, use a dark pencil, but not black. Using a special brush, shade the drawn arrow along the entire line of the eyelashes to be visible when the eyes are open.

Take care of the eyebrows. They must be clearly delineated. If you want to paint them, then choose only a shade that is close to the natural color of your eyebrows, and apply along the line of their natural growth.

Finish the makeup by painting the eyelashes, selecting the appropriate mascara for this. If you have rare eyelashes, use bulk mascara, if short – lengthening.

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