How to make-up for a photo

How to make-up for a photo
Bad make-up can ruin even the work of an experienced professional photographer. Remember that mistakes made when applying a foundation, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, etc., in photos will be much more noticeable than in reality.

You will need
  • Tone cream, corrector, powder, eyebrow pencil, shadows, ink, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, contour pencil.
Beforehand, perform all procedures for correcting eyebrows, smoothing the skin tone, etc. If you want to look perfect, a couple of days before photoshoot visit the beauty salon, ask for a suitable make-up and professional cleansing.

Mask all skin imperfections with a foundation and corrector. Your face should look perfect, because pryshchiki, redness, rash, bags or bruises under the eyes can spoil the entire photo session. Be sure to use powder, so that the pictures do not show a greasy shine. Do not forget that the shades of the skin of the face, neck and decolletage should not be very different.

Tint your eyebrows with a special pencil. They should be clear, but at the same time natural. The exception is when a particular shape or shade of eyebrows requires a selected for a photo shoot образ. Иногда яркий, необычный и неестественный макияж бывает необходим, например, для создания образа гейши, героини мультфильма и т.п.

Pay attention to the makeup of the eyes. As a rule, the expressiveness of the image depends on the choice of shadows, ink, eyeliner, and also the make-up artist's work. Do not get carried away with rhinestones and sequins, because when shooting with flash they are inappropriate. remember, that camera скрадывает макияж, поэтому он должен быть очень ярким и выразительным.

Do not use shadows of red hues, unless they are needed to create the selected image. This applies even to gentle pink shadows: in the photo your eyes will look sore or even tearful, and not expressive. If the theme of the photo session does not involve a special make-up of eyes, use shadows, the color of which is best for you.

Choose a shade of lipstick that fits you perfectly. Do not use lipstick is not worth it, otherwise you will look too pale. Also, you do not need to limit yourself to gloss, you can apply it only on top of lipstick. To emphasize the lip line and make it more expressive, use a contour pencil.

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