How to make up eyes with mascara

How to make up eyes with mascara
Some women are not at all pleased with the condition of their own eyelashes. To eyes looked beautiful, and eyelashes fluffy and long, it is necessary not only to choose high-quality mascara, but also correctly apply it.

There are several completely different methods of applying mascara, each of which has its own merits.

Method of blinking on the brush. When painting eyelashes with this method, eyelashes are more fluffy. In this case, a huge role is played by speed: keep the brush with тушью before eyesми и моргайте. Чем быстрее вы будете моргать, тем тоньше получится слой туши, что позволит получить более натуральные и максимально естественные ресницы. Этот способ подойдет вам, если у вас красивые природные ресницы, а также если вы любите естественный макияж.

Color the eyelashes, holding the brush in a horizontal position and touching the hairs only with the tips of the brush. The disadvantage of this method is that the eyelashes so painted often look unnatural.

The zigzag method will suit you, if you have short, but not too rare eyelashes. In this way you will reach the desired volume, thanks to the settling of more carcasses on the eyelashes.

There are universal rules for applying mascara that help make eyelashes beautiful. To completely color every corner of the eyes, open wide eyes. Begin painting with the lower eyelashes, then gradually go to the upper ones. After that, draw a corner of the brush between them.

Do not paint eyelashes with a lot of mascara. After applying the first layer, wait until it dries. If you use a quick-drying тушью, put it in one layer, otherwise it will fall off.

After painting, comb the eyelashes with a special brush. You perfectly divide them, give fluffiness and remove excess lumps.

In addition, in order to beautifully paint eyes, you need to choose the right mascara, depending on the type of eyelashes. If you have soft eyelashes or rare, give preference to thick carcass. If rigid – liquid with a plastic brush. If you are the owner of long eyelashes, in any case do not use an extension тушью, it will look careless. If you suffer from increased oiliness of the eyelids, it is better not to use waterproof mascara, but use the most usual, water-soluble mascara.

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