How to make up eyes with gray shadows

How to make up eyes with gray shadows
Gray shades of shadows can be safely attributed to the category of universal. Regardless of your color, you can choose the most suitable gamut for yourself. These shadows can be made up in the office or at the party: the main thing is to choose the right makeup technique.

You will need
  • – a pallet of shadows;
  • – base for shadows;
  • – Brushes;
  • – Colored mascara.
Нанесите на веки базу для теней. Распределите основу мягкими похлопывающими движениями и дождитесь полного высыхания в течение 1-2 минут. Поскольку серые тени, как правило, контрастируют с естественным оттенком кожи, вам необходимо добиться безупречного нанесения и стойкости. В этом вам и поможет хорошая база.

Choose a universal palette of gray shadows, with which you can create several makeup options for different occasions. Try to find a set that combines matte and pearly shades, and there is a dark gray tone to highlight the outline.

Create an office version of eye makeup using the gray palette. Type the darkest shade on the hard thin brush with the beveled bristles. Use this color as a liner, drawing a clear line along the eye contour. If it turned out to be too greasy, shade it a little. A contour made using gray shadows will look quite appropriate in the daytime makeup, unlike a line made with a pencil or liquid liner. Apply on the outer part of the upper eyelid a neutral matte shade of gray, and on its center – the lightest shade with the effect of flickering.

For the evening appearance, the smoky eyes variant is perfect: while the gray shadows in this make-up may look too gothic, the gray palette will achieve a more exquisite effect. Take three shades of gray shadows, preferably matte. Circle the darkest of them outline the eyes and carefully blend. Then apply a medium hue to the entire mobile eyelid. Closer to the eyebrow line, go in a light gray tint, making the color transitions smooth.

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