How to make up eyes quickly

How to make up eyes quickly
To emphasize the depth and attractiveness of your eyes, it is necessary to apply makeup competently. And in some situations it is important to be able to not only qualitatively, but also quickly make the eyes irresistible.

One of the main moments when applying makeup is properly selected cosmetics. Choose the shades depending on the color of the eyes. If you are the owner of blue or gray eyes, give preference to calm, pastel tones. If you have dark eyes, paint them with shadows of contrasting, rich shade. The pencil should be thin and soft, and here ink can be any, depending on your preferences.

Before applying makeup, prepare the skin beforehand. To do this, first clean it, apply a moisturizer and wait for it to soak well. Dark circles under the eyes disguise the corrector. The upper eyelids slightly powder.

Bring your eyes in pencil. Draw a clear and even line, starting from the inner corner of the eye, as close as possible to the edge of the eyelashes. You can end the line at the outer edge of the eye or you can make the "arrows" by drawing the line a little farther from the outer edge. Instead of a pencil, you can use the eyeliner, but draw arrows it is necessary to have certain skills.

Now apply the shadows. You can do it either with a special brush, with a cotton swab, or with your finger. Choose shadows depending on the type of your skin. If it is oily, dry friable will suit you. If dry, give preference to liquid, dense shadows. Apply the tones in a sequence from the lightest to the darkest. In the shadows of dark shades, decorate the outer corners of the eyes, and the inner and part of the century under the eyebrows lighten. This make-up will make your look deeper and more expressive.

Mascara, put it in the last place. Better apply it in two layers, by this you will achieve better effect and long-term make-up. Eyelashes must be combed with a special brush and twist if desired.

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