How to make thick hair

How to make thick hair
Well-groomed Thick hair – this is one of the most attractive attributes of female beauty. However, boast a thick head of hair can not all the fair sex. There are several ways to make hair more attractive.

It is known that the number of hair follicles is laid at birth. Constantly growing 80% volos. 20% is in a dormant state. Here these 20% and you can try to wake up. To do this, apply various tonic masks. The tried folk method is rubbing the fresh juice of onions into the roots of the hair. This you will kill two birds with one stone: strengthen hair and stimulate the appearance of new hair.

Another way is to increase the thickness of each hair. Do strengthening masks. The most common means for strengthening of hair – This burdock oil. Rub oil in the roots of damp hair, wrap food film, and then a warm towel. So be like 30 minutes. After wash. From the first applications you will see how your hair starts to change.

As for cosmetology procedures in the salons, now there is quite a new, but popular procedure – Lamination of hair. When the hair is laminated, it is sealed in a breathable protective cellulose film. The thickness of each hair becomes 10-15% more. That is all hairstyle in volume takes a larger volume, and the hair itself sparkles. Especially such procedures are shown hair, weakened by permanent colors and chemical wave.

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