How to make the whites of the eyes whiter

How to make the whites of the eyes whiter
Sparkling and lively sight is an ornament of any person, but because of a wrong way of life, fatigue and stresses proteins eye can lose their natural whiteness. Proteins eye begin to turn yellow for various reasons – some of them are covered in your own health, so if you notice that your eyeand not as white as they used to be, consult a doctor to exclude liver and gallbladder disease. In other cases you can correct the situation on your own. In this article, we'll show you how to make proteins eye cleaner and whiter more accessible methods.

Если врач не выявил у вас проблем со здоровьем, обратите внимание на свою диету. Если в вашем рационе преобладает слишком острая или соленая, жареная и жирная пища – возможно, именно в ней причина неправильного color eyeproteins. In addition, the color eye affects alcohol and tobacco.

Exclude from the diet fatty and fried, do not abuse salt and pepper, and if possible, stop smoking and drinking. Drink multivitamins and eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. Inexpensive, but effective eyesmooth drops, soothing eyea, also help you lead proteins eye в order.

Read books only in good lighting, and also reduce the amount of time spent at the computer. If you are forced to spend a lot of time behind the monitor due to work, regularly rest from it and do exercises for rest and relaxation eye.

Для возвращения белкам eye natural color you need to sleep enough, do not be in excessively dry air and less look TV. The skin around eye in the mornings and evenings you can wipe ice from chamomile broth – it will become fresh and healthier in appearance.

Parallel with the elimination of the main reasons yellowness proteins eye, вы можете скрывать этот внешний недостаток с помощью подходящего make-up – do not use в макияже bright colors, especially red and yellow.

Нижнее веко обведите перламутровым карандашом белого оттенка, а также уделите внимание однородности цвета кожи на лице. Наносите на лицо тональное средство, равномерно растушевывая его. Ресницы подкрасьте тушью, увеличивающей объем – это отвлечет внимание от белков eye.

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