How to make the skin supple

How to make the skin supple
All women closely monitor the condition of their skin, regularly use all kinds of means to maintain elasticity and elasticity. If your skin does not suit you or you care about its future condition, there are four simple ways that will help you always be irresistible. It is not difficult to use them. These methods will help restore your skin elasticity, elasticity and irresistible beauty.

Cold and hot shower. Water will help you in this, both cold and Hot. If you have a strong head on the shower head, put it in this position, if not – turn on the water more forcefully. Changing the temperature of the water, massage in a circular motion throughout the body. Approximately through month Your skin will become visibly tightened and its elasticity will increase. So will improve the skin condition, blood circulation and metabolism in the body. You can also massage with a hard brush – blood circulation in this case, too, will recover. If you and your skin urgently need to cheer, then contrast shower is the best remedy.

Salt baths. Salt ванна acts on the body as a lifeline: it removes toxins from the body, helps the body cope with stagnation in the vascular system. After taking a salt bath, the skin will become extraordinarily tender. For such bliss you will need 500-600 gr of salt, always coarse. Add it when you take a bath and lie for 15-20 minutes. After taking a shower, rinse with cool or cold water.

Doing sports. Physical stress has a more effective effect on skin, than you imagine. You probably noticed that after playing sports, the skin turns red, shiny and there is increased sweating. All these factors have a beneficial effect on the skin and the body as a whole. Improves blood circulation. Raise the tone and elasticity Skin helps: jogging, brisk walking, jumping. If you go in for sports 2-3 once a week, it will help to restore the skin a healthy state, elasticity, elasticity and compelling beauty.

Proper nutrition. Also helps the body to recover and a healthy diet. Products that have a beneficial effect on our condition, a lot of oatmeal – one of these products (but not the only one). Oatmeal helps in the fight against cellulite, has the properties of cleansing the body of toxins and toxins. It contains 50% carbohydrates and 12% protein. Its composition includes useful substances: chromium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc. In addition, the oatmeal contains substances that help better digest food. Oat flakes act on the body as a scrub, removing slag. When you use this cereal in any form, the cholesterol in the blood drops noticeably. It contains a huge amount of acids that help the body cope with the effects of adverse factors and делать skin shining, healthy, elastic and elastic.

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