How to make the skin supple after losing weight

How to make the skin supple after losing weight
Women who actively try to get rid of extra pounds with the help of diets, forget about their skin. But after a sharp and rapid weight loss, it becomes flabby and saggy. Of course, this result does not cause admiration, and in fact a person can quite avoid the occurrence of this problem.

Let's say you want grow thin. Do not try to do it in a short time. Yes, there are strict diets, due to which you quickly lose weight. But think what's best: sagging and loose skin or extra pounds of fat. For how long have you gained these ill-fated pounds? Probably not during the week. So why Do they have to leave so quickly? The main principle losing weight Is gradualness. And so that the skin does not become flabby, maintain muscle mass in a norm, that is, you must consume a daily dose of protein (0,7 g per 1 kg body weight).

Well, ah what to do those women who are already lost weight and try to get rid of saggy skin? In this case, you need to play sports. Let it not be every day, but try to train at least 2 times a week. It is better to choose those physical exercises that are aimed at maintaining the tone of the muscles and skin (callanetics, aqua aerobics, pilates).

If you want your skin to become more elastic, consume more fluid. Try not to eat dry. Daily use contrasting water procedures.

Twice a week, peel with a scrub. You can buy the product in a cosmetology shop or pharmacy. If you trust only natural ingredients, make a scrub in domestic conditions. Например, 1 ч.л. молотого риса смешайте с 2 ст.л. овсяных хлопьев. Добавьте в смесь 1 ст.л. оливкового масла. Все тщательно перемешайте и круговыми движениями нанесите на проблемные участки. Запомните, что любой скраб лучше наносить на увлажненную кожу.

At least once a week, massage with essential oils. Also you can apply wraps. If you do not have enough money for the clinic, do the procedure in the Home conditions. For this you can use honey, chocolate and other ingredients.

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