How to make the skin smooth

How to make the skin smooth
Hands more than other parts of the body suffer from the harmful effects of the external environment, so the skin on them should be regularly fed and moistened, protected from contact with chemicals, ultraviolet rays, rapid temperature changes, etc.

You will need
  • – salt;
  • – Cosmetic paraffin;
  • – картофель, молоко;
  • – egg yolk, honey, vegetable oil.
Regular baths with salt will help to make skin soft, clean and moisturize. Prepare a suitably sized container, pour hot water into it and stir in it a little salt. Wait for the water to cool a little, and the salt will dissolve, and lower the brush there. After half an hour, get your hands out and treat them with a soft scrub. You can use special compounds or prepare a mixture of salt and liquid soap. Process skin and rinse your hands with cool water.

Крем для рук следует использовать ежедневно, утром и вечером, а при необходимости и чаще (если кожа рук сухая). На ночь делайте слой питательного крема толще и надевайте хлопчатобумажные перчатки.

Protect skin from chemically active substances. Do all household work in rubber or fabric gloves, try not to allow even contact with the active detergent components. Before putting on gloves, lubricate skin cream.

Do paraffin baths – they perfectly smooth fine wrinkles and make skin рук гладкой и шелковистой. Вы можете посетить косметологический салон и получить курс процедур, а можете организовать парафиновые аппликации дома. Вам понадобится медицинский парафин, несколько эфирных составов и полиэтиленовые перчатки. Растопите парафин, вылейте его в емкость и опустите руки туда, предварительно очистив их скрабом. Через 5 минут достаньте руки и опустите их еще раз – повторите так несколько раз, чтобы on hands a dense paraffin layer was formed. At the end of the procedure, pull out your hands, wait for the paraffin film to harden hands and put on top polyethylene gloves. Walk so for a while, you can wrap your hands in woolen mittens. Remove the gloves and remove the paraffin layer, then lubricate the hands with a nutritious cream.

Do softening masks. Cook the potatoes, mash it with milk and cover your hands with this mass – this mask perfectly copes with the rough areas. Mix the egg yolk with honey or vegetable oil and use the resulting composition as a mask – after 15 minutes rinse your hands with warm, acidified water. If you need more and whiten your hands, then grease them with bread crumb, soaked in milk.

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