How to make the skin on your feet smooth

How to make the skin on your feet smooth
Smooth, well-groomed legs look great! To date, modern cosmetology offers many ways to get rid of unwanted hair in order to skin on legs looked perfect.

The easiest way to do this skin smooth legs – this is a shave. This procedure can be performed either with a shaving machine or with an electric shaver – it all depends on your preferences. The advantages of shaving are the speed of the procedure, the shortcomings include rapid growth volos and the possibility of irritation. To avoid this, use special creams before and after shaving – the first will ease the slipping of the razor, and the second will moisten skin legs after the procedure.

The second way to make the legs smooth is to use a cream for depilation. With this method, the hairs will grow more slowly than with shaving, but the risk of irritation and allergic reaction increases, since in cream composition there are quite aggressive components. That's why this method is not suitable for people with sensitive skin. Before applying the remedy on all legs, try it on a small area of ??the skin, if irritation does not arise – start depilation.

Longer-term ways to maintain the smoothness of your feet will become epilation with hot or cold wax, and shugaring (hair removal with sugar). Minus these procedures – soreness and the possibility of ingrown hairs under skin. Therefore, the most effective and painless result you will achieve, if you apply for a professional depilation in the beauty salon. After such a procedure, the legs will remain smooth for 2-3 weeks.

A good way to maintain the smoothness of the legs is electric epilatorWhich pulls out unnecessary hairs. On the first pores this procedure is rather painful, but then the skin gets used to it. Over time, hair removal will be required at your feet less and less often, as the epilator pulls out hair with bulbs that gradually depletes them. To avoid irritation, lubricate skin after the procedure with cosmetic oil or a nutritious cream.

If you want to get rid of hair forever, then you should pay attention to such procedures as electroepilation, laser hair removal or photoepilation. These procedures are done in specialized salons after consulting a doctor.

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