How to make the shape of the eyebrows in 2018 year

How to make the shape of the eyebrows in 2018 year
The kind of impression you make depends largely on the shape of the eyebrows – it is this detail of the face that affects the expressiveness and attractiveness in general. Many people prefer to make eyebrow correction in the salon. But this simple procedure can be done at home, independently.

You will need
  • To give the eyebrows the desired shape, you will need the following items: tweezers, alcohols or alcohol-based lotion (tonic), a mirror of this size so that you can see the whole face in it.
Learn how to properly face in the mirror. On its shape depends on what form it is better to give to the eyebrows. If eyebrows достаточно ровные, то ничего сложного с ними делать not recommended – it's enough just to correct their density and line by the natural shape of the eyebrows. The optimal form eyebrows considered eyebrow, similar in shape to the outline of the upper lip.

But if you can not clearly identify the supposed shape of your eyebrows, then just take a white or light cosmetic pencil. Draw a shape of eyebrows, which will seem to be optimal for you. Plucking eyebrows following the lines drawn will be much easier.

Возьмите пинцет. Он должен быть качественным, из нержавеющей стали, с smooth кончиками. При сжатии пинцет должен слегка пружинить. Чтобы дезинфицировать пинцет, обработайте его спиртом.

Before the plucking procedure, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Лосьоном протрите область бровей, чтобы избежать занесения инфекции.

Выщипывая брови, учтите, что её начало должно быть шире, чем её конец. Если лицо овальное, то сделайте линии просто плавными. При круглом лице лучше смотрятся слегка приподнятые брови, а концы их должны быть чуть закругленными. В случае квадратного лица брови могут быть достаточно long, in the form of a smooth arc. And, finally, if the face is triangular, then it will look better on the eyebrows are not too long, but upbeat.

Slightly tighten the skin in the place where you are going to remove the hair. Carefully pick up the hair with tweezers. Do not pull the hair too sharply, otherwise it will be painfully. But the movement should be sure, otherwise it will turn out that you are simply uselessly dragging a hair. Hair for the hair move along the entire length of the eyebrow. Take your time: it's better to adjust the shape of your eyebrows again than to suddenly find out that you removed too much hairs. Tighten the skin and grasping the hair with tweezers, be careful not to damage the thin skin. Do not use a shaver when depilating eyebrows. The form is unlikely to be successful, besides there is a risk of cutting yourself.

Brush your eyebrows brush – it is desirable that it is clean, without gel. Estimate the result. Eyebrows should go out the same. Slightly removing the mirror from the face, check that both the length and width of both eyebrows coincide. Do not be tempted to pull out too many hairs on the upper border of the eyebrow. This visually lowers the eyebrows, the proportions of the face are "disturbed".

После того как вы закончили придавать бровям нужную форму, еще раз протрите тампоном с лосьоном брови и веки. Брови следует расчесать в направлении роста volos. The resulting form must be adjusted once a week.

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