How to make the right shading of shadows

How to make the right shading of shadows
Correct shading of shadows is very important in eye makeup. But sometimes doing it without proper preparation is not so easy. Having learned to do the correct shading of the shadows once, you do not have to go to make-up artists or a girlfriend who knows how to make beautiful make-up, but to make a beautiful transition of shadows or a fashionable smock of ice is not difficult.

You will need
  • Shadows of light shade (beige, flesh, closer to the color of your skin), preferably matte
  • Shadows of an average shade (the color in which colors you plan to make up)
  • Shadows of a darker shade than the previous ones
  • Пушистая кисточка для растушевки теней
Apply the base under the shadows, powder the eyelid, creating a matte surface on the eyes. Dial a few shadows of an average shade on the brush.

Circular motions, barely touching the eyelids to designate the boundaries of the shadows at the outer corner of the eye. Do it carefully, without letting the eyelid brush. Further, using the same brush, we begin to designate the eyelid completely, leading the brush approximately above the fold of the eyelid, from the left to the right side of the eye. We create a base for make-up.

We take the same brush, typing the darkest shade on it, shake it a little, if the shadows are very pigmented, and repeat the same actions described in step 2. Only this time we shade the boundaries of the shadows without reaching the inner corner of the eye, trying to focus on the outer corner, as if deriving the color of the shadows just above the fold of the century. In this step, we focus on the outer corner of the eye, darkening it.

Набираем тени бежевого оттенка на эту же кисть, предварительно очищенную, и растушевываем верхние границы теней круговыми движениями еле дотрагиваясь до века, уводя цвет вверх.

As a fifth step, you can use a tushevka with a highlighter or any light shadows with a small shimmer. You can apply these shadows to the podbrovuyu bone (the area under the eyebrow), shading it to the main color of the eye makeup, which will further blur the boundaries of applying shadows.

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