How to make the lips tender

How to make the lips tender
In the autumn-spring period of the lack of vitamins, many people face the problem of cracked and flaky lips. Fortunately, there are secrets that prevent this.

As always, the first and main recommendation is to maintain the water balance at the right level. None, even the best balm is able to eliminate the symptoms of dehydration. Start drinking on 2 liters of water a day – this should help.

Подбирайте гигиеничку сообразно проблеме.
With strongly drying lips you should look for beeswax and various oils in the composition and generously apply lipstick before going to bed.
If you want to get rid of wrinkles on the lips, look for vitamin E.
If you suffer from irritation of the lips, choose a balm with vitamins C and B12, aloe vera and jojoba oil.
Если собираетесь в отпуск, отдайте предпочтение гигиеничке с SPF фильтром, она защитит ваши губы от вредного воздействия ультрафиолета.

Use balm as often as you want.
There is an opinion that frequent use of hygienic lipstick can lead to the fact that the epidermis will get used to and will dry all the time. In fact, it's a myth, although ever-drying lips can signal very different problems, for example, some chronic diseases. In other respects, the making of constantly moisturizing the lips can be attributed to the dried air in the premises.

Не используйте крем для лица вместо бальзама для губ.
Lips need protection of a slightly different kind, if the skin of our face. The fact is that on the face there is a natural protective film, which lips, alas, can not boast. Special lip balms just imitate such a film, protecting lips from external negative influences.

Avoid matte lipsticks.
If you have problems with moisturizing your lips, matt lipstick will only aggravate the situation. In addition, all the imperfections will be visible as in the palm of your hand. It is better to replace the lipstick with a tinted balm. He, of course, will not give such a rich color, but a light shade and due care are guaranteed.

Before applying lipstick, the balm must be absorbed.
And it is better not to apply lipstick to balm for 10 minutes. This time is just enough that all useful substances are absorbed into the skin and begin their life-giving effect. At the end of this time, blot your lips with a napkin so that the lipstick does not spread during the day, and apply a pigment.

Do not apply the balm with your finger.
If you use a balm in a jar, you risk putting an infection on your finger. A brush is also not the most optimal option, so just "kiss" the product without touching the contents with your hands. This amount of funds will be enough.

Be careful with the scrub!
Скраб для лица может травмировать и без того тонкую кожу губ. Лучше приобретите специальный скраб для губ и не используйте его чаще раза в две недели.

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