How to make the lips softer

How to make the lips softer
Chubby soft lips Is the dream of any young lady of any age, even Balzac. But if by nature lips thin, dryish, pale, and in addition, and shelled, grieve and lament before the time is not worth it. Verified national recipes will come to the rescue.

Soothing oils: Use lipids to nourish the lips. Greasy oil. Just daily lubricate the scarlet zone with cosmetic oils, such as olive oil, avocado oil, wheat germ, peach seed, almond, jojoba, grape seed. After lubrication, remove any debris that has not been absorbed by the oil. This procedure must be carried out daily. Best in the evening, but not before going to sleep. In order to enrich the composition of the product, add to these oils-basics (на 10 капель) по 2 капли эфирных масел розового дерева и лаванды.

Massage: Save the softness of the lips will help daily massage. Only do it very carefully, because the skin of the lips is delicate and easily damaged. Take the toothbrush and moistened it with iced water, start gently massage sponges. Keep it up делать not less than a minute.

Маски:И наконец, маски для губ. Балуйте ими свои губи не реже 2-3 раз в неделю. Рецепт на ваше усмотрение. Можно смешать сок моркови with honey (at the end of the procedure it will only be necessary to lick the yummy from the lips), or you can – the pulp banana with milk. The usual honey imposed on the mouth, which after this procedure becomes literally sugar, also gives a wonderful soothing and nourishing effect. After the mask, which must be kept on the lips до 10 минут, обязательно увлажните lips nutritious cream.

Prevention: To prevent dryness and flaking of the lips, use a hygienic lipstick, creams with ultraviolet filters, emollients and moisturizers. Be sure to protect lips from the cold, wind and heat.

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