How to make the lips more

How to make the lips more
If you dream of sexual and seductive chubby lips, but by nature your lips are not at all, then for you there is great news: with the help of fairly simple tricks and tricks your lips will become plump and bulky. So, how to make the lips more?

First, try to slightly stimulate the internal circulation in the lips. Such lips look visually much more chubby and bright. Take for the rule every morning, gently and gently massage your lips with a toothbrush. It's better if you get a special, extremely soft and delicate brush and massage your lips with a drop of nourishing cream or balm. You can also use and medicinal honey, which saturates the lips with useful substances and makes them unusually elastic and smooth.

Now you can find many tools to increase volume lips, and not only decorative. Choosing the usual hygienic lipstick or balm, try to pay attention to the composition. It should contain menthol, which very effectively activates blood circulation in the lips, and also makes them brighter. Menthol pleasantly cools the lips and gives a very pleasant unusual sensations. In a few minutes after application, you will notice that the lips have become somewhat larger and plumper!

In order to lips seemed visually more, you can resort to some tricks in makeup. First of all you should give up dark colors lipstick, since they make it much narrower even plump from the nature of the lips. Pastel and Gentle pink shades – that's what will help your lips to become a bit chubby!

The contour pencil should be a little bit, literally on a semitone lighter, than color of lipstick. Do not take in head to lead your lips, even slightly speaking for their outline – it looks monstrously sloppy! Circle from pencil to to myself contour, and then proceed to apply lipstick. To apply it neatly and completely equalize the boundaries with the contour, use a special brush made of natural material.

Take a lip gloss and apply a drop of shine to the middle of the lower lip, carefully shading it in both directions. This will give lip volume, and they will look very seductive.

If you do not paint your lips, then give preference to light transparent gloss with reflective reflective particles or simply with the effect of a mirror surface. Such brilliance can make the lips more tender and more dimensional. Currently, in cosmetic stores, you can find a lot of caring balms with the effect of shine, which contain a lot of moisturizing and nutritional components (for example, jojoba oil). Apply them to all lips, including the contour – they will look much more!

If your lips are not large enough, then you should pay special attention to regular moisturizing, as tightness and dryness as it were, "steals" the volume. Always carry an effective moisturizing and nourishing product in your purse and use it as needed.

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