How to make the lips bigger? Gymnastics for the lips

How to make the lips bigger? Gymnastics for the lips
Many of us dream of beautiful and voluminous lips. This is not surprising, because it is the lips directly affect the overall expression. For example, if a person's lips are thin, then his appearance becomes gloomy, and is also poorly remembered, and does not attract attention at all. And in order to make plump and attractive, there is a special gymnastics.

Immediately stipulate that we will not talk about silicone lips, which can hardly be considered a standard for the beauty of the lips. Perhaps, if you "pump up" your sponges, they will attract attention, however, not by their beauty, but by the fact that they occupy the floor – faces and look absolutely unnatural. Few of us make a gift in the form of voluminous and beautiful lips, but in our power to correct this situation. This is why the gymnastics for the lips was created.

By the way, the shape of the lips can change with age – so, they have all chances to become less voluminous, acquire a pale shade, and also lose their elasticity. It is also possible that the corners of the lips are lowered, making the exterior look morose and cloudy. The skin on the lips, as on the whole body, becomes flabby, why they lose clearly-delineated lines. And then people's advice will come to help you, how to give your lips a beautiful shape, but at the same time avoid the services of a plastic surgeon.

Гимнастика для губ – это отличный способ того, как сделать ваши губы объемными и в меру пухлыми, даже если природа обделила вас этим. Однако, прежде, чем заговорить об упражнениях, необходимо сказать, что они должны быть систематическими, то есть выполняться регулярно, а не когда захочется. Ведь бывает так, что через несколько дней после начала занятий женщина, не видя результатов, бросает начатое, а зря, ведь если вы дойдете «до конца», то имеете все шансы на привлекательные губки, которые станут вашей гордостью.

Articulatory gymnastics for the lips

  • Imagine how – like you blow out the candles on the cake. Collect more air and exhale with all the force. These exercises should be performed at least a dozen times. Between the approaches, take small intervals.
  • You need to say the letter "O", while folding your lips with a tube. After completing it ten to fifteen times, rest and repeat again.
  • Вдохните в себя как можно больше воздуха и надуйте щеки. Далее вам стоит выпускать небольшими порциями воздух, как – будто прерывисто говорите звук «П». примерное количество упражнений – 15 – 20 раз.
  • Closed lips with each other, try to reach the tip of the nose. Repeat these exercises 20 times, alternately relaxing and straining muscles.
  • Imagine, as if you are going to kiss, only instead of kissing you need to draw a closed eight lips with closed lips. The number of repetitions is 20 times. You can also move them to the right, to the left.


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