How to make the legs healthy? Benefits and pleasure of SPA procedures

How to make the legs healthy? Benefits and pleasure of SPA procedures
According to average statistical data, people spend at least 8 thousand hours in their lives on their feet and move about a distance of about 35 thousand km. Walking on high heels further exacerbates the problem of accumulated fatigue in the legs and feet of women. From depilation, the skin of the ankles also suffers, which is quickly overdried. Many representatives of the fair sex for the care of their feet choose for themselves the service of a spa pedicure. Spa pedicure is one of the latest achievements in cosmetology. It successfully combines the beneficial effects of cosmetic products with the methods of spa treatment, while providing comprehensive care for the feet.

SPA pedicure gives women the opportunity to remove accumulated fatigue in their legs, pain, get rid of stress, cheer up, improve their health.

Unlike conventional pedicure, the spa method does not use cutting tools, which makes the procedure absolutely non-invasive and painless. Skin covers when performing a spa pedicure are not violated, and the elimination of coarse skin, corns, mazols is produced by dissolving them with special preparations based on fruit acids. No customer experiences any unpleasant sensations, the possibility of damage is completely excluded. SPA pedicure also involves the use of newest cosmetic products, therapeutic mud, thermal water, algae extracts, etc.

The procedure consists of numerous pleasant and useful manipulations. Its duration is about 2 hours. A client who wishes to experience a spa pedicure gets not only well-groomed legs, but also a rested, relaxed body as a result.
In the process of action, calm ambient music usually plays in the office, candles are lit and nicely arranged, the air is saturated with aromatic substances.

Depending on the salon, the procedures included in the complex may be different, but the basic elements remain unchanged. First, it is proposed to warm up the legs by lowering them into a whirlpool bath, which contains various relaxing ingredients, for example, sea extracts. In warm water with the addition of antiseptic agents, the toenails are cleaned and softened. The duration of the procedure is from 5 to 10 minutes.

After that, a mild peeling with scrubs with mild abrasive properties follows.

Scrubs used for peeling usually contain particles of sea sand or ground apricot stones, as well as aromatic oils, vitamins that improve the condition, exfoliate and soften the surface of the skin of the legs.

Continues the procedure, a nourishing mask, which massage movements are applied to the skin to the knees, after which they wrap their feet with a cloth for the greenhouse effect. The composition of the masks can be different, depending on the desired result, but usually they contain aromatic oils, marine extracts, menthol, glycerin. The duration of the action is approximately 20 minutes.

Then a paraffin wrap can be suggested, which helps to increase the tone and elasticity of the legs. Paraffin therapy helps to restore the skin of the feet, moisturizing it, healing the cracks and reducing swelling.

After that, the master produces a light foot massage, while working on biological points. Each ступне уделяется 5-10 минут. Кроме получаемого заряда бодрости и общего улучшения самочувствия, массаж сказывается положительно на работе внутренних органов человека, уменьшает боли в области позвоночника и в суставах, улучшает сон.

In conclusion, a nourishing cream is applied to the feet, which makes the skin smooth and soft, moisturizes, prevents the appearance of cracks.

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