How to make the heels soft and smooth

How to make the heels soft and smooth
Many girls start to worry about the condition of the legs only in the summer, when the time of open shoes is approaching. However, this is fundamentally wrong approach, as the health of this part of the body should be practiced regularly. A person makes daily walks from home, for example, to work and back. It is very easy to come to the logical conclusion: the legs are constantly in motion, and, therefore, in a stressful state.

Of course, many ladies, in principle, do not have questions about how you can take care of your feet, during regular campaigns to the master pedicure. The specialist, of course, will explain everything, show and, as a rule, make a beautiful person. But what to do when, for example, heels began to crack and dry up, and there is simply no time for visiting the salon?

Of course, in this case, it is better to turn to long-proven methods. You should not call them traditional medicine. Rather, the recipes described below are a collection of all those experiments that were able to bear their positive fruits.

So, the first thing you can do to soften the skin is to put on an egg mask. Chicken egg should be mixed with lemon juice and potato starch. Of course, the legs should first be steamed and let them get used to the comfortable temperature of the water. After that, the resulting mixture will only need to be applied to those areas where any damage is noticeable, even if it will be expressed in skin hardening. It should be noted that this "drug" will begin to dry out after a few minutes. This should be treated with maximum peace of mind and washed away only after the process is completed in full.

The second recipe can be the use of aloe. Many people have already tried on themselves some of the healing properties of the plant. So, if an ingrown nail is formed on the leg, and the accumulated pus should be removed from the body without the help of surgical intervention, then, cutting the aloe and attaching it to the sore spot for the night, the girl will be able to solve this problem.

In the case of withered heels, the situation is approximately the same. Only to achieve a better effect, experienced home masters advise to crush the aloe and apply a compress in the form of a compress to the leg site for the night. During this time, the "medicine" will give all its moisture to the heels, and they will be able to please you with their smoothness.

Of course, some advise to immediately turn to traditional methods of treatment, and bypass all pharmacies, in search of "miracle means." However, do not reject proven methods that are based on the experience of many generations.

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