How to make the eyes lighter

How to make the eyes lighter
Women always want to be different and surprise others with experiments with their appearance. To make the experiments successful, you do not need to use heavy artillery. In eye make-up, one or two strokes are enough and your eyes will seem lighter.

If your eyes enough dark green, blue or gray colors, you can make them lighter with the help of eye shadow. Choose cool colors – голубые, gray, light green, pale pink. You can even add a little pearl. Mascara is better not to take black, but brown or blue. This will give the eye a tempting depth.

P "P" SЏ кареглазых Women, on the contrary, it is necessary to choose shadows darker than the iris of the eyes. Carefully apply them on your eyelids and draw along the growth line eyelashes тонкую черную полосу.

Also make eyes It is lighter with tanned skin. If your face is chocolate colored, your eyes будут выглядеть лучезарными и прозрачными. Добиться нужного оттенка кожи можно и зимой, используя autosunburn or by visiting solarium. Just do not get carried away, because the artificial sun is very old skin.

На контрасте со светлыми eyesми можно dye your hair in dark colors. Eyes immediately become prominent on the face, the shade of the iris becomes more pronounced.

Cardinal change of eye color – contact lenses. Choose them very carefully. Remember that brown eyes never will blue. The natural color will still be visible from under the lens, and it will look very unnatural. Choose a shade of 2-3 tone lighter than your eye color. See how it looks in the streetlight. If the lenses on your eyesх не выглядят нарисованными – смело делайте покупку.

Using modern cosmetics, you can change to unrecognizability. Но не переусердствуйте с экспериментами. Все-таки ваши близкие ценят вас за душевные качества, а не за цвет радужной оболочки глаз.

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