How to make the effect of wet hair

How to make the effect of wet hair
If your haircut is longer than a square, you can create a wet hair effect on your head. Small curls with skill are made simply, keep a day or two – depending on the type of hair, and are an excellent natural decoration. It is possible to make a hairdress, having cleaned hair in a bunch on a nape and to leave at the face only a few wavy prjadok. But the best effect of wet hair looks on loose hair.

You will need
  • – gel, mousse, wax or lacquer marked "to create the effect of wet hair"
  • – cold water
  • – diffuser (nozzle on the hair dryer)
  • – comb with wide gaps between teeth
Apply a special gel, mousse or varnish to slightly damp hair along the entire length. Starting from the front striae, grasp the hair in a handful and with creasing movements lift them to the scalp. The more mashing movements of the hand you make, the better the effect of wet volos. After the end of work, do not dry hair with a hairdryer, otherwise they will swell. Let them dry themselves.

Если у вас есть диффузер – специальная насадка с “пальчиками” на фен, воспользуйтесь ей. Также нанесите на влажные волосы средство для эффекта мокрых волос, а затем сушите голову диффузером.

In the evening, wet your head and weave small pigtails, as much as possible. if you want the effect of wet hair held longer, apply foams or mousse on the strings before weave. On some hair после расплетения косичек волосы могут “встать дыбом”. В этом случае просто нанесите на руки немного геля или мусса и аккуратно сминающими движениями усмирите непослушные распушившиеся прядки.

Do not use a brush for hairto comb tangled strands. Better divide ringlets fingers, on tips which apply a little special mousse or gel. In extreme cases, use a comb with large between the teeth.

After как на голове there were small curls, fix the effect of wet hair with varnish of medium fixation.

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