How to make the body smooth

How to make the body smooth
Beautiful, smooth skin is the dream of every girl. To achieve perfection, daily care for body: small physical exercises, massage, nutrition, moisturizing and skin cleansing. And it is not necessary to resort to expensive procedures, all this can be done at home.

Morning work-out. Get up at 10-15 minutes before you are used to it. Non-simple exercises из детства – наклоны, приседания, растяжка – помогут не только проснуться, но и зарядиться энергией на целый день. Хорошая стимуляция циркуляции крови в организме – путь к beautiful and young skin.

Shower. Do not neglect this procedure. Use a soft baby soap, it does not dry the skin and is great for sensitive individuals. The water temperature should not be too hot, better all if you prefer a contrast shower. It perfectly invigorates the body. If, when taking a shower, you use a brush or a shaggy mitten, then also cleanse your skin of coarsened, keratinized cells. Remember that rubbing should begin with the toes, gradually rising up.

Regular peeling Is a very important procedure. After the correct peeling, your skin will be saturated with nutrients and moisturizers. But do not get carried away with cleansing, otherwise you can dry the skin. 1-2 times a week – quite enough for oily and normal skin. For dry enough and 1 procedures a week. Approach thoroughly to the issue of choice cosmetics, do not rely on advertising and advice girlfriends. Remember: what is ideally one, adversely affects others.

After a hard day, it will perfectly restore your skin relaxing ванна with the addition of aromatic oils and foam. Salt for baths also has a beneficial effect on both the skin and the entire body as a whole.

After cleansing the skin, taking bath and shower, do not forget to apply individually selected moisturizing and nourishing cream.

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