How to make the belly tightened

How to make the belly tightened
For many women, the tummy becomes a real problem. After all, it's so hard to bring it into shape, but you can eat very quickly. About how to tighten the stomach, there are many articles. And if all the rules and exercises are combined, the result will not be long in coming.

To clean the belly at home conditions, you need patience and a clear plan of action. It is necessary to combine 3 components and make them the principle of life. Proper nutrition, a set of exercises and breathing exercises – that's the guarantee of an ideal and resilient abdomen.

Proper nutrition = flat stomach

proper nutrition

Even if you load your body with constant training, they will not work if you do not start eating right. It is known that the muscles of the press can safely develop and under the layer of fat. Therefore, no matter how hard the press is pumped, it may not all manifest itself. Proper nutrition will help prevent this. It is enough to change your diet so that it contains more protein and less carbohydrates. To do this, replace fried with boiled, fatty meat for lean. It's good to eat turkey and fish. Do not forget about vegetables. They will support the body with vitamins.

It will be useful to cleanse your bowels of toxins. There are many recipes for this. Starting with the adoption of special medications and ending with a normal enema.

Exercises for slimming belly

exercises for the abs

Every training should be started with cardio exercises. They will allow to drive already typed fat. For this purpose, running is ideal, jumping rope or step. In order to start burning fat, you need to do cardio exercises at least 15 min.

Now you should start directly to the main exercises. There is a misconception that if you just press the press and do nothing more, it will quickly manifest itself. But for the rapid formation of a beautiful body, you need to do exercises on different muscle groups. Also, do not forget to give them time to recover. It will be ideal to do workouts every other day. For example, Monday – working back muscles, Tuesday – day off, Wednesday – working out of muscles of buttocks and legs, Thursday – day off, Friday – working out of arm muscles, Saturday and Sunday – day off. At the end of each training day, it is necessary to conduct standard exercises for the press, known even to children.

Breathing exercises for the press

clean the belly at home

Girls should not forget that breathing should be done with chest breathing, and not with the help of the stomach. It's easy to get used to it. It's enough to watch your breathing for a few days and not allow yourself to breathe air using your stomach. It is also useful to constantly try to keep the stomach retracted.

And if you take time and practice yoga, then in addition to a tight body you can get a healthy spine.

Do not forget that achieving the ideal press is not an easy task. Sometimes it takes a very long time. But if you combine exercise with proper nutrition and breathing, then the result can be obtained much faster.

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