How to make the abdomen flat with a normal thread

How to make the abdomen flat with a normal thread
There is a system of physical exercises that does not require much physical energy. This gymnastics is based on a set of exercises that strain the muscles. Based on this method, the psychotherapist Sammy Margo developed a simple exercise that allows you to imperceptibly train the abdominal muscles daily.

You will need:

– a piece of dense thread or rope.

Completely retract the abdomen, and then relax it about halfway. Now it is necessary to tie the thread around the waist at this level (when the abdominal muscles are half strained).

Now the thread pressure will be for you a kind of reminder that you should keep the abdominal muscles in tension.

You need to try to keep the press for a day as long as possible. Do this during work, on a walk, when sitting, standing or doing housework.

With a simple thread, your stomach will soon become flatter. This exercise will constantly affect the main muscles of the body, leading them to tone.

This technique is simply indispensable for people who lead an immobile lifestyle. It will help them become more active.

This exercise can be performed even by those who regularly attend classes in the gym. Constant contraction of the abdominal muscles will also benefit them.

With the help of a normal thread, you will soon notice how your posture will improve and the habit of constantly slouching will disappear. Correct posture has a positive effect on the hormonal and nervous systems of the body, and you will look much slimmer.

The habit of stooping leads to the fact that the stomach protrudes, and the shoulders look hunched. With a wrong posture, even a rather flat stomach seems bigger.

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