How to make teeth white

How to make teeth white
A snow-white smile is admirable, it dazzles and attracts glances. How to achieve this result and make teeth snow-white? First you need to find out why the mouth does not shine with whiteness. The reasons can be a lot: from various diseases of the teeth to a commonplace plaque, which often happens.

If our teeth рассмотреть under a microscope, it turns out that the surface is not smooth at all, has irregularities, and here they accumulate various colored pigments from red wine, tea, coffee and other products that have the ability to stain tooth enamel. What will help in this case? Learn correctly clean teeth, giving this procedure 3-5 minutes for 2 times a day. Use a toothbrush with soft or medium bristles, use bleaching paste several times a week, and after the meal and throughout the day use dental floss and mouth rinse.

Take advantage of the professional cleaning teeth at the dentist. Through ультразвука will not only fly away, but also tartar. Also, in addition to ultrasound cleaning, the doctor can offer cleaning with the help of a special device that feeds on teeth содово-солевой раствор. Профессиональные процедуры помогут вернуть вам натуральный цвет зубов.

In many people, the natural color of the tooth enamel is not white, but grayish or yellowish. In this case, bleaching in domestic conditions. Apply on teeth a special lacquer, it will instantly bleach them, but the action will last one day. A special gel will help whiten teeth for several tones, apply it for two weeks, applying for two minutes. Whitening strips can brighten teeth on 5 tones, they will also help remove темные пятна. Самым же радикальным способом домашнего отбеливания является application Cap, which can improve the color of teeth on 7 and more tones, but before using them consult with a dentist, since wrongly selected kapy can damage the gums.

Whitening can be done not at home, but at the doctor. Here you will be offered several methods: chemical, laser and photobleaching. Any of these methods will bring the desired result, but laser whitening is considered the safest, but it is very expensive.

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