How to make tattoo

How to make tattoo
If your lips have a fuzzy outline, and your eyebrows merge with the skin, think about the possibility of tattooing, or permanent make-up. With the help of the thinnest needle, dye pigments are introduced into the skin. They can designate the contours of the eyelids or lips, imitate the hairs of the eyebrows. However, this procedure also has contraindications – before you contact a specialist in tattooing, you should carefully read them.

Tattooing, or permanent make-up, is the subcutaneous injection of plant or inorganic coloring pigments. With their help, you can draw the contours of the lips or eyelids, mimic the eyebrow hairs, depict the flies and even completely paint over the skin. This procedure requires carefulness and accuracy – a special device with a thin needle doctor-cosmetologist introduces the paint to the desired depth. The processing of the contours of the eyelids can take 2-3 hours to draw a small fly – about half an hour. The depth of needle insertion depends on the pigment and the area on which the paint is applied.

Перед процедурой необходимо проконсультироваться с лечащим врачом. Есть целый ряд противопоказаний for tattooing. Among them, diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma, various skin diseases. Contraindication will be a tendency to form colloid scars or allergic reactions to dyes.

Decide which makeup option you need. The drawn contour of the upper eyelids will create the effect of always colored eyes. You can bring and lower eyelids, but this make-up visually reduces the eyes. Tattooing the lips will help to define the outline of the mouth and even slightly correct its shape. If your lips are too pale, you can apply paint to their entire surface – this option will look more natural. FROM using tattooing можно скрыть небольшие рубцы или пятна на коже, а также нарисовать на лице изящную мушку.

After choosing a picture, the cosmetologist puts it on the face with a pencil. The procedure of tattooing is quite painful and is done under local anesthesia. Please note that it is not possible to completely remove the unpleasant sensations – their intensity depends on your sensitivity. The selected pattern is punctured with a special device with a thin needle.

Непосредственно после процедуры нарисованный контур выглядит очень ярким – многих пациентов это смущает. Однако через некоторое время он бледнеет, становясь более естественным. Несколько дней после перманентного макияжа на месте его нанесения держится корочка – ее ни в ком случае нельзя удалять. Дождитесь, пока она полностью не высохнет и не отвалится сама. Не мочите лицо и не наносите на него косметику. Стоит избегать и прямых солнечных лучей, они могут вызвать раздражение кожи.

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