How to make tattoo

How to make tattoo
A modern woman should always look great. But not everyone has the time to put his face in order every morning. At present, a simple procedure – tattooing – has become a solution to this problem. Thanks to the technology of tattooing, a woman can forget about eyeliner for lips, eyes and eyebrows for a long time.

You will need
  • Specialized master, necessary equipment, sterile tools, devices for tattooing.
Tattooing is performed when it is necessary to give a clear outline to the facial features. Depending on the wishes of the client, tattoo is carried out by the method of shading, drawing or combined. This procedure is performed by an experienced doctor, and in duration it takes about 40 minutes.

Before you perform tattoo The skin of the desired zone is treated with an antiseptic. This is necessary to exclude the entry of microbes into the wound. After processing master Performs a sketch on the place where the contour is needed. There is a drawing with the help of gel pens. Next, the client inspects the new form and adjusts with the master. If the procedure requires anesthesia, the master uses anesthesia.

After a short period of time, the tattoo specialist begins modeling the desired area. This procedure is performed on specialized equipment with use of disposable tools. If necessary produced feathering contour.

After performing the tattoo, the area with a new contour must be treated with antiseptic means and soothing ointments. The healing process has a duration of 4 to 6 days.

Since the procedure of tattooing is based on microtraumas of the skin, it is very important to be convinced of the skill of the master and the sterility of the instruments. It must be remembered that this procedure is performed for several months, and during this time nothing to fix already it will be impossible.

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