How to make stretch marks on the chest less noticeable

How to make stretch marks on the chest less noticeable
The appearance of pink or red stripes on the chest occurs during rapid weight gain. Usually a similar problem worries future and young mothers. To get rid of non-aesthetic bands is forever impossible, but you can try to make stretch marks on your chest less noticeable.

Воздействуйте на свежие растяжки ультразвуком

Breaking the elasticity of the skin can be restored by acting on stretch marks with conventional ultrasound. The metabolism in the tissues is activated by the action on the skin cells, there is a gradual revival of the collagen fibers.

Old stretch marks can be subjected to laser grinding

Completely eliminate the chronic traces of rapid skin strain can not be. Using laser procedures, stretch marks can be Breast less noticeable – the surface layers of the skin are removed, the contrast with surrounding areas decreases.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling penetrates deep layers of the skin, activating the production of collagen. Passing the full course of such procedures can give good results. findings – all depends on the prescription of stretch marks and features of the structure of the skin.

Ozone and mesotherapy

Pretty effective способ, который основывается на подкожном введении препаратов. Основное предназначение целебных смесей – ускорить метаболизм в проблемных участках. Введение отдельных препаратов и их комбинаций позволяет местами escape from ugly scars, very bright tracks become pale and invisible.

Oil applications

Наряду с аппаратными methods getting rid of stretch marks can use home recipes. Well proven butter wheat embryos – they need to regularly lubricate fresh striae. Rubbing olive oil, jojoba oil and rosemary after taking water procedures (when the skin is steamed) will help restore the elasticity of the skin.

Используйте крем для удаления рубцов

Современная медицина предлагает ряд препаратов в борьбе с послеоперационными рубцами и шрамами. Входящие в их composition restore components will help reduce traces of stretch marks, brighten their.

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