How to Make Square Nails

How to Make Square Nails
Advantages of the square shape of the nails are obvious – they not only visually extend the fingers, strengthen the nail plate, but also keep the manicure longer in order. Make square nails simply and easily.

You will need
  • Кусачки для ногтей
  • Fillet
That do square shape of nails, use a wire cutter. Trim nails, do not round the corners with nippers – this will significantly weaken nails.

Adjust form обрезанных nails пилкой. Убедитесь, что пилка движется только в one direction. Reciprocating movements damage nail plate.

Now take care of the sides of the nails. With a quick movement, run the file first with one hand nail, and then with other. This will keep the square shape, but will save you from the risk of catching on to something nails.

Повторите предыдущий шаг с каждым из оставшихся ногтей, до тех пор, пока не придадите одинаковую квадратную форму каждому из них.

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