How to make soft curls

How to make soft curls
Styling plays a significant role in the appearance of any girl. But with the modern way of life and the large employment of many people, it is so rarely possible to give it enough time. That's why everyone is becoming popular with various universal hairstyles for every day, styling "for 5 minutes" and other innovations in hairdressing. So, one of such easy and favorite hairstyles became soft curls. The locks on the head look natural, very feminine and romantic.

You will need
  • Thermobikes, hairdryer, hair conditioner, hair spray
Dry it hair, приподнимая их у roots a round brush to create a small basal volume. Try not to overdry them, because hair при термозавивке должны быть высушенными не до конца.

Apply now along the entire length of the small amount of means to create ringlets. Then, having prepared in advance curlers, starting from the nape, take one small strand volos and wind on curlers. You can curl на бигуди все волосы, а можете только верхние пряди, а нижние оставить direct. The optimal wearing of thermalbugs is 15-20 minutes. During this time they manage to cool down and, most importantly, do not burn your tips.

After you have removed the thermal hair, fix the hair once with the varnish, again along the entire length to packing через час не распалась. Лак for hair will prolong the life of your curls. Hairstyle is ready. Its creation took you a minimum of time, but the result is amazing. Your hair with such a styling will look very attractive.

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