How to make smooth arrows

How to make smooth arrows
A little elongated tip of eyeliner can create the most real miracles: your eyes will look fascinating and attractive. This make-up gives the look of the riddle and some cunning, but this effect can only be achieved by gently performing this trick! So, how to make even eyes Arrows?

Start by preparing the skin for the liner. To do this, you should give up fatty and nutritious eye creams, and easy moisturizing gel, the base or tonal крем чуть припудрить рассыпчатой пудрой. Однако и тут стоит не переборщить – иначе не избежать эффекта испачканности. Поэтому пудру следует хорошо растушевать чистой пушистой with a brush.

Arrows should be painted before applying the carcass, since well-colored cilia "in the case" from it can prevent the smooth application of the liner.

Very important correctly select a pencil or a liquid liner. In the first case, you can also achieve a smooth and bright line, but only if you choose qualitative pencil. When buying, draw a few lines with a tester: the pencil should not break, crumble. Then try to shade the line, it should not be smeared and spread out – soft pencils are great for the effect figs-yaz, but to create the perfect shooter after all better choose hard enough.

Что касается жидких подводок, то тут многое зависит от кисточки-аппликатора: новичкам стоит отдать предпочтения достаточно упругим кисточкам из пластика, так как использование обычных “пушистых"Applicators require a certain skill and experience.The product itself should not spread over the barely noticeable wrinkles on the skin.

Итак, теперь приступим непосредственно к подводке. Линию стоит рисовать как можно более близко к линии eyelashes, slightly thickening it in the middle and making it completely thin at the end, where a slightly elongated and, as it were, upwards "tail" will appear. To make the line clear and smooth, the skin should be slightly taut.

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