How to make smoky makeup

How to make smoky makeup
Smoky make-up is combined with any clothing and style. Eyes become bright and expressive, attract attention and admiring glances.

You will need
  • Cream shadows, a palette of smoky shadows, gray or black pencil, mascara
First of all, it is necessary to achieve the brightness and expressiveness of make-up. To do this, take the shadows of the cream texture of the desired shade and apply to the entire surface of the century. The advantage of this technique is that the makeup will retain its durability, regardless of what makeup to use.

Buy a palette of shades of different shades, in which there is a white, gray and smoky shade. Apply dark shades on the entire surface of the eye, and paint the corners with white shadows. After that, gently shade the white shadows and mix with a dark shade. This will help make the makeup less bright, and at the same time create a beautiful smoky look.

Take a gray and black pencil. Bring your eyes from above and below. The outer corner of the eye is brought with a white pencil to increase the volume. Underwater pencil can be used not in black, but in gray. Everything depends on the degree of brightness of the makeup. Use a brush made of coarse fiber, for more thorough staining.

Apply mascara in several layers on the upper and lower eyelashes, carefully staining. You can use false eyelashes to create a stage effect.

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