How to make small eyes big

How to make small eyes big
Eyes are one of the most attractive elements of our appearance. Therefore, we want them to be not only beautiful, but also expressive. Of course, the owner of large eyes is much easier to attract attention to themselves, but the rest of the girls should not be upset. Modern makeup techniques allow you to visually expand eyes and draw additional attention to them.

Correct eyebrows. Make the line neat and graceful. After all great a thick eyebrow will visually reduce the already small eyes.

Use shadows of light shades. As is known, dark color distance, light – closer. On the mobile eyelid, shadows of pastel shades are applied, and the lighter ones are placed in the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow. Dark tones are allowed only in the outer corner of the eye with careful feathering.

Owners of small eyes are recommended all sorts of mother-of-pearl shades with a high content of light-reflecting particles, which will also increase your eyes.

Do not use dark pencils and eyeliner. Black color in the scale of contour means is better to exclude altogether. The upper eyelid is guided by mid-dark pencils, the line should be as close as possible to the growth line eyelashes and rather narrow. Lower eyelid is better to emphasize light in pencil and the line is shiny. On the inner eyelid from below также можете провести мягкую линию белым или светло-бежевым карандашом. Иллюзия широких глаз вам обеспечена.

ink for eyelashes must be thick и создавать эффект объемных, подкрученных ресниц. Нанесите два или три слоя туши, дайте ей высохнуть, а затем создайте изгиб с помощью щипчиков для wave.

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