How to make skin young

How to make skin young
It is fundamentally wrong to start taking care of youthful skin after 30 years. Keep track of her condition should be young in order not to deal with the removal of premature wrinkles, but just as long as possible to maintain the face in excellent condition. For this it is necessary only to observe several immutable rules.

Cleansing Without this basic stage, good skin care is not possible. Pick up a suitable remedy and twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, use it to refresh face и шеи и снятия косметики. Учтите, что для кожи вокруг глаз надо применять специальный лосьон.

Humidification After the skin is cleaned, it should be moistened with a tonic. Any of them penetrates well into the pores and maintains firmness face and neck. Tonic lotion also choose, based on the type of your skin. For greasy, a high alcohol content is used, dry is better treated with herbal lotions, etc. After that, you can apply cream – night or day, depending on the time of day.

Peeling I must do it at least once every three weeks. It is for such a period that the skin cells are renewed, but they themselves will peel off gradually. Therefore, the necrotic epithelium should be removed so that the face is smooth and radiant. For face Suitable scrubs with fine abrasive particles.

Massage To do it, do not necessarily go to a beauty salon and pay a lot of money to specialists. In my youth it is enough domestic procedures that any girl able to do it yourself. It is best to massage the face and neck in the evening, after applying a nourishing cream. Just tap and stroke skin from the bottom up and away from the center. Thus, you will enhance metabolism, increase the tone of tissues, improve blood flow. And wrinkles will appear much later.

Питание Кожу надо питать не только снаружи, но и изнутри. Ешьте фрукты и овощи, цельные злаки, принимайте витамины А и Е. Все это поможет сохранить лицо молодым.

Protection One of the main enemies of the skin is ultraviolet. Therefore, with youths do not abuse stay in the sun. And if you love sunbathing, at least protect your face – use sunscreen, wear hats with wide margins. Thus, you delay the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

Smoking This bad habit will have to give up if you want the face to stay young for longer. From nicotine decreases the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. And this leads to early aging. So choose – or youth, or doubtful pleasure.

If you comply with all the above recommendations from an early age, you do not have to resort to injecting hyaluronic acid or botox in 30, and in 40 to go for an operation lift.

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