How to make skin perfect in 2018 year

How to make skin perfect in 2018 year
About perfect skin all girls dream. It would be desirable, that it was smooth, equal, elastic and shining, without wrinkles and pigmented spots. Of course, someone is lucky by nature, but often the ideal skin is what we get as a result of taking care of ourselves. How can you learn to look after yourself so that you can safely say: "I have the perfect skin"?

First, skin care always begins with its thorough cleansing. Shoot makeup every evening a means created precisely for this. Get rid of dead cells can be with the help of foam, gel or milk, matched to your skin type. The exfoliation procedure should be done weekly. Scrubs, peelings or lotions – choose what is right for you.

One of the procedures that bring you closer to the dream of the ideal skin is toning, because the cleansed relaxed skin you need to stimulate to perceive the means that you will then apply. Thanks to the use of tonics, you can also complete the cleaning procedure, because makeup or dirt particles that are not washed off from the skin during washing, you can safely remove using a disc moistened with toning lotion.

Always choose skin care products by skin type. Also, always try to observe the dosage in the application, the recommendations for massage techniques and advice creators of your cream. Always read the instructions carefully. application and composition. Also try to use the funds of one line, because all the components in them are selected so as to complement and strengthen each other's actions.

Every week, use masks, which are now a great many. Strip purchased means and made own hands в domestic conditions. So you will nurture skin necessary microelements, oils, увлажнителями, улучшите цвет лица и уберете признаки усталости.

Do not forget to also use the means with sunscreen filters, because what the sun causes premature skin aging, already proven fact. Do not worry about sunburn, even when using the maximum filters you can tan.

Ну и, конечно, пейте витамины, высыпайтесь, гуляйте на свежем воздухе, соблюдайте водно-солевой баланс и бросьте все вредные привычки. Чаще улыбайтесь и не поддавайтесь стрессу. Ведь смех – это источник эндорфинов, заставляющих сиять не только вашу a smile, but also your skin.

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