How to make skin elastic at home

How to make skin elastic at home
Facial skin needs increased attention. Even in youth, the face can lose its elasticity due to improper care. To avoid this, you must comply with certain mandatory conditions. Make the skin of the face elastic at home will help people's recipes using the most affordable products.

Cream, balm, masks and tonics are the means for regular use. We should not forget about scrubs. For every woman, a face is a visiting card. Therefore, the skin of the face should always be perfect, and to achieve this is not so difficult. Moreover, there are recipes that have been tested for years.

Essential oil for the elasticity of the skin of the face

Практически все масла благотворно воздействую на кожу. Но есть некоторые, от действия которых кожа преображается буквально на глазах. Тонизировать ее можно анисом, разгладить морщины – валерьяной, а улучшить кровообращение поможет апельсин. Далее дело за упругостью. Лучшие помощники в этом – масла гвоздики, ели, мирры и ладана.

a tightened oval face without surgery

Home mask for the elasticity of the skin of the face with cottage cheese and milk

Recipe, which is used by Scandinavian beauties, you can try on yourself, buying in the store quality milk and home-made cottage cheese. You just need to mix the ingredients and apply them to your face three times a week. The skin will be younger, the former elasticity will return. And one more secret of the Scandinavian girls – a bath with two liters of goat's milk will create miracles with the body!

how to make the skin elastic and fit at home

Овсянка для упругости кожи

To add this component to cosmetics began in Switzerland. Do not miss the chance and try a mask with oatmeal in the composition: a few oat flakes, pre-soaked in milk, you need to put on your face. You need to do this mask every day all week so that in 7 days in the mirror you can see the owner of a youthful skin, incredibly elastic and very smooth. The miraculous effect of group B vitamins and folic acid is explained.

how to tighten the skin of the face with folk remedies

How to improve the face skin turgor at home using honey

Легкий медовый массаж для начала, а после немного времени с маской из меда на лице. Смываете мед теплой водичкой и наслаждаетесь цветущим внешним видом. Не забудьте о том, что мед нужно дополнительно принимать и внутрь, а не только радовать им кожу снаружи.

honey for the elasticity of the face reviews

Potato mask

To receive the tightened oval of the face without operation simply – for washing it is recommended to use water in which potatoes were cooked. And you can boil the potatoes in a "uniform", then clean it and use the peel as a mask, applying it to the skin of the face.

flabby skin on the face what to do

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