How to make skin elastic at home

How to make skin elastic at home
Over the years, the skin loses its elasticity, which certainly afflicts the fair sex. But to make the skin elastic is possible even in ordinary home conditions, the main thing is to carry out procedures for its recovery regularly.

What to do for the elasticity of the skin of the face?

The skin of the face is less protected before the weather, it is more delicate and sensitive than the skin of the body, so care for it should include daily moisturizing, cleansing and nutrition. A sign that she is getting little moisture and valuable substances is the appearance of a wrinkle net. It is recommended to use night cream from age-related changes and regularly make appropriate face masks. It is useful to take the rule after washing to pat on the skin, this exercise will accelerate blood circulation, metabolism and eliminate puffiness.

Mask for elastic face skin

  • three tbsp. l. olive oil;
  • one tsp l. jojoba oil;
  • one tsp l. sour cream;
  • pink clay.

All components must be combined, adding clay to the end to a mushy consistency. Composition lubricate the skin, leaving for fifteen minutes. Then remove the water and soften the face with a cream for rejuvenation. It is advisable to use the mask every two days, for 2 weeks. After an intensive course, apply the mask twice in seven days.

Included in the composition of oil, actively nourish the skin, and the clay exerts a pulling effect, giving it elasticity and elasticity.

How to tighten the skin on your stomach?

Skin on the whole body also tends to wither over the years, in addition, after a sudden drop in weight or birth, stretch marks form on it. The main problem areas are the abdomen, hips and chest. For each area you need your own approach, thanks to which it is possible to correct stretch marks, tighten and smooth the surface of the skin.

When taking a shower, grease the abdomen with olive oil, then massage it gently with salt. Olive oil will saturate the skin with nutrients and strengthen it from the inside, and the salt will perform the role of scrub, speeding up the process of cell renewal. This method can be used for other skin areas, except sensitive areas.

Body wrap for feet skin at home

The skin of the legs can be resilient and even, using a home wrap. Green clay should be mixed with water, until it turns out mush in the form of sour cream, drop a few drops of mint aromatic oil and stir. Apply the mask to the skin of the legs, wrap them with a thin film and put on something warm. The wrap should last for several hours, after which the clay should be washed off, and the clean skin should be greased with olive or other vegetable oil. The procedure should be carried out regularly, first seven days, then once a week for a month.

We achieve the elasticity of the skin of the breast

For this area, the use of aggressive ingredients is not allowed, since the skin of the neck and chest is very tender. It is useful to feed this zone with natural vegetable oils. For example, mix grape, apricot and castor oil in the same proportions. Apply a mixture of oils during the water procedures, a little massaging the skin of the chest and decollete.

Nutrition and exercises for the elasticity of the skin

It is possible to accelerate the production of collagen by consuming protein and vitamins C, A and E. Vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruits, A and E are found in nuts, greens and vegetable oils.

Tighten the muscles of the body and the skin will help exercise. These include swinging the press, push-ups and squats.

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