How to make skin dry

How to make skin dry
The zone of the axillae gives off moisture much more strongly than other parts of the body. Make skin dry and fresh in this place is possible, the benefit of modern anti-sweat remedies are sold in abundance. But not all of them work, if not to comply with a number of measures that improve the protection against moisture. All individually, but the elementary methods still converge and help people with different alkaline skin balance. Taking care of yourself, you will never notice traitorous traces of moisture on clothing.

Use a scrub to clean armpits. There, too, the necrotic epithelial layer is formed, which causes irritation и постоянную влагу. Скраб подойдет любой, это может быть и обычный гель для душа с содержанием отшелушивающих частичек.

Бритье тоже должно входить в ухаживающие процедуры. Сбривайте hair a day or as they grow. By the way, modern men They also make depilation of this area, there is nothing to worry about. Depilation facilitates the respiratory processes of the skin, and it remains dry and clean, and most importantly without a sharp smell sweat.

Wash skin you need twice a day, and if necessary more often. In the evening you can apply ointment with zinc on skin, and in the morning, after cleansing procedures, use any deodorant. The degree of protection depends on the brand manufacturer and the most active members. The more hours the skin protects from moisture, the more harmful substances it contains. Therefore, give preference to the means marked 24 hours. Do not forget to wash before going to bed armpits for deodorant, на ночь оставлять его нежелательно, а уж тем более наносить вновь.

Observing a number of simple measures, your skin will be dry a long period of time, and the people around you will not feel an unpleasant odor that does not kill any perfume. You will be surrounded by a cloud of freshness and comfort.

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