How to Make Rose Oil

How to Make Rose Oil
Rose is a beautiful and fragrant flower, useful properties of which are widely used in cosmetology. There are many cosmetic products with an extract of pink petals. One of these drugs is rose oil. This product contributes to the normalization of metabolism, restores the skin, making it supple and taut. In addition, rose oil serves as an excellent antiseptic and is used to treat certain skin diseases and burns.

You will need
  • – rose petals;
  • – olive oil.
Pink butter вполне возможно сделать самостоятельно в domestic conditions. In this case, it will differ from its industrial counterpart, but it will retain all useful properties. First of all, it is necessary to prepare rose petals – use red flowers with a strong aroma to make the oil. Collect them better in the early morning, before the sun heats the plant and the etheric butter, which is in the rose, will evaporate. You can use slightly damp flowers, however, there should not be any water drops on them. Collect the buds on the petals and clean them of contamination, if necessary. It is not recommended to store them for a long time, otherwise all useful properties will be lost.

As a basis for the preparation of rose oil, any vegetable butter, however cosmetologists advise to use olive. It is a good remedy, effectively moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Take one glass of olive oil and fill them with two cups of pink petals. The container with the resulting mixture is tightly closed and placed in a dark place. Stir the petals every two to three days. After three weeks, strain butter and pour it into a clean vessel. The remedy is ready.

Существует другой способ получения розового масла. Для начала подогрейте оливковое butter on a water bath to a temperature not higher than 70 degrees. Pour it into the prepared dishes and put the petals (as much as fit). Leave the jar closed for two days in a warm place. After the petals are discolored they need to be removed and replaced with new ones. Repeat this procedure at least ten times. Ready butter плотно закройте и храните в темном месте. Это косметическое средство можно использовать для протирания тела после водных процедур и проведения сеансов обычного и anti-cellulite massage.

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