How to make rose oil for yourself

How to make rose oil for yourself
In modern aromatherapy, in perfumery, in cosmetology, in medicine and in cooking, pink is widely used butter. In industry, it is produced by steam distillation of rose flowers or by extraction (squeezing). To obtain this essential oil, use rose flowers of red and bright pink varieties, necessarily with a strong odor. Collect such flowers best before sunrise, until the essential oils under its warm rays evaporated. There should be no water on the collected petals.

You will need
  • – olive oil
  • – rose petals
В domestic conditions preparation розового масла distillation or extraction is impossible, but it is possible to make the infusion pink butter, which in its qualities will not be worse than industrial. In order to make a pink butter to myself, you need a basic basis. For this, it is best to take olive butter. If olive You do not have any oil, sesame seeds will do, and, in extreme cases, sunflower.

Make Pink butter most you can in several ways. Take a glass of olive oil, fill them with two or three glasses of rose petals, close tightly and insist in a dark place, sometimes stirring or shaking. After 2-3 weeks strain. The oil is ready, store it in a dark place tightly closed.

Olive butter нагрейте до 50 градусов на водяной бане, засыпьте туда сколько поместится лепестков роз, поставьте в теплое место. В жаркую погоду можно выставить in the sun. Через 2 дня достаньте все petals and lay the new and the whole procedure again first. Do this all 10-12 times. Store the same as in 1 mode.

Put cotton wool in a glass jar so that it occupies half the volume, fill the rest of the pot with rose petals and pour to the top with olive butterm. Tightly close the jar in the sun. After a day, squeezing well, replace the petals with fresh ones. Do this for 2 weeks, you will receive butter with persistent aroma roses. Oil stored in this way, store in the refrigerator.

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