How to make rejuvenating creams

How to make rejuvenating creams
Rejuvenating cream is one of the main cosmetics used by women. You can buy it at any store, but there are also folk recipes for making the cream at home. Below are some of them.

All the ingredients needed for cooking in Home conditions rejuvenating cream, you can buy in stores and pharmacies. For the first recipe you will need: honey (1 ч.л.), Ланолин (1 ч.л.), almond oil (2 st.l.) and pure hot water (2 ч.л.). Mix honey and lanolin. Melt them in a water bath. In this mixture, without stopping stirring, add water and almond oil. When you get a homogeneous mass, the cup can be removed from the water bath. Then mix the creamer until it completely cools.

The next cream is suitable for aging oily skin of the face. Take liquid honey (1 tsp), unrefined vegetable oil (1 tbsp), lemons (3 pcs.), Hot water (1 glass), cream (2,5 tbsp), cologne (1,5 h. l.), tincture of petals of a rose on alcohol (1 st.l.). Clean lemons, chop zest, then pour hot water. Put in a dark place to infuse for 8 hours. After the appointed time, infuse the infusion. Take ? cup of infusion, add honey, unrefined vegetable oil and 1 st.l. lemon juice. Stir this mixture until smooth. Add cologne, cream and tincture of rose petals. Take the mixer and whip the cream. Place the cooled mass in a glass jar.

For dry skin you can cook anti-aging cream with red pepper. Take a red pepper the size of your pinkie's fingernail. Grind it, and add olive oil (2 tbsp). Put a bowl with a mixture in a water bath. Add to the oil with pepper 1 tsp beeswax, 0,5 tsp. lanolin, 2 st.l. tinctures of pink petals. Mix everything until smooth. Whip the resulting cream with a mixer.

Each of these creams should be kept in the refrigerator. Shelf life is up to 6 months. Since this is a natural product, the earlier you use it, the more beneficial the effect of rejuvenating cream on your skin.

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