How to make real Hollywood curls

How to make real Hollywood curls
Hollywood locks again at the peak of popularity! A little patience, and soon you will make a fashionable hairstyle very quickly – for 15-20 minutes.

To create this hairstyle, you need a large plaque, hair spray, hair oil and a brush brashing, если волосы слегка вьются.

1. The first thing to do is to wash your hair, dry it and straighten it with a round brush, if it's wavy. If you want them to be voluminous at the roots – raise them during drying with the same brush;
2. С помощью расчески разделите волосы на пробор – как вы привыкли их носить;
3. Divide the hair into approximately two parts (accuracy is not needed here);
4. Now you can separate the strands of any thickness and wind them on the curling iron in the direction of "from the face." If there is no large curl, you can wind the hair into a small one – just curls will be smaller. Do not press the hair with your paw, so that there are no creases – just hold the tip of the strand until the hair curl;
5. After all the strands are curled, you need to wait until the hair cools down, and then sprinkle them with varnish and separate with your fingers;
6. To curls were more structural, apply a little hair oil on the hair;
7. If you want your hair to be more lush – head down, blow your hair and apply a little varnish.

Hairstyle is ready!

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