How to make pigtails in 2018 year

How to make pigtails in 2018 year
Scythe has always been an actual way of laying long hair. With the help of braids you can make both simple hairstyles for each day, and festive, with the addition of curls or accessories.

Plain pigtail called колосок, она плетется двумя прядями волос. Переменно перекладывайте небольшую часть волос из одной пряди в другую. Оригинальностью отличаются pigtailswoven from four or five strands. In this case, weave them separately, taking into account the peculiarity – they have one common strand, located in the middle of the weaving.

Especially popular is the so-called Greek spit. Apply a small amount of foam or mousse for styling on wet, washed hair. Dry them with a hairdryer. Then divide the hair into two parts by a transverse parting – from the ear to the ear. That the remained weight of hair did not stir further, fix its clamping. Then select a strand of hair over the left ear, divide it into three parts and begin to weave a regular spikelet, adding at the same time new strands, right and left. To be more convenient, comb the entire front part of the hair mass in the direction of weaving the braid. Bring the spikelets to the right ear. Then, from the remaining mass of hair, braid the ordinary braid. Disguise its tip with the help of pins. You can leave the rest of your hair loose, and their combination with the Greek scythe looks very impressive.

Плетение косичек «рыбий хвост» не занимает много времени, хотя со стороны и кажется, что сделать подобное their own hands просто невозможно. Разделите волосы на две равные части по прямому пробору. Возьмите тонкую прядь волос с левой части и соедините с частью из правой. Затем выделите тонкую прядь с правой стороны шевелюры и соедините с аналогичной из левой. Продолжайте так до конца длины волос. Такая прическа по виду очень напоминает рыбий хвост.

Piglets "dragon" create the illusion of a magnificent hairdo, they are weaving at a distance of five to six inches from the hair growth line. Make a horizontal parting, the strand formed from the front is divided into 3 parts and begin to weave the usual pigtail. As we weave, grab a few loose hairs on each side with a comb and add them to the main braid. When the pigtail is ready, fasten it with an elastic band and proceed to weaving the next one. The resulting mass of plaits wrap inward or gather on the back of the head in one large braid. This kind of weaving suits the owner of medium length hair.

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